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smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)  Sears   smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)



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Description Small Photo Owner
Handiman RT handimanRTsmall.jpg (3413 octets) Carl L. Fuller
Custom 6, 1963 Custom6_1963small.jpg (3586 octets)

Mike Gold
(driven by Casey)

  1965 Sears Custom 600  Rick Johnston

1966, Custom 6

This tractor is all original except for a new carb.It has a cast iron 8 HP Tecumseh with solid state ignition and hi-lo range 3 speed tranny.The stack was my idea cuz I don't like the stock set up.

Suburban 12, 1967

SearsSuberban1967small.jpg (4433 octets)

L.John Morris

Suburban 12 Mark Anthony
1968, Custom 8 XL Ray
1969, Custom 10 XL Ray

Suburban 12, 1972

Jason Youngblood
Sears 725 Suburban, 10 HP(?) Craftsman \Techumseh engine (replacement?) Sears725small.jpg (1782 octets) Charles Wise
Sears 725 Suburban Sears725_02small.jpg (1684 octets) Charles Wise

Suburban 15, 1972

Suburban15_1972small.jpg (3022 octets)

Colt L. Harker

Custom 7, 7 HP Tecumseh, Hi-Low Transmission, 38" deck, 3 point hitch

Custom7_01small.jpg (4284 octets)

John Norvell
Custom 7 rear Custom7_02small.jpg (3639 octets) John Norvell

GT14V Varidrive

1980 (?)

Peter Haessler
I own three of them at this time and I am still looking for more! This one is unrestored except for the engine, it was replaced sometime not too long ago? I am also restoring one of these machines. I enjoy them very much and really like the "hunt" for info and parts! --- Rick Johnston

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smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)